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freeway surf store maltaThe freeway Surfstores have always been the major support for extreme sports in Malta specifically where board sports are concerned. The first and only Surf shop on the island is based at level 2, The Plaza Shopping Centre in Sliema, with another branch situated in Bugibba. The Plaza shop is where one finds the technical division of the surfstores with a wide selection of equipment always on hand for our clients to drool over.

Wind, water, air and land. Four of the most important elements that characterise our planet. To these amazing ingredients add man and his soul, and you have the most exciting mixture for freedom of mind and body. For thousands of years man has shared the world with these elements and has learned to use them for the needs and necessities of life. One of those necessities is to free one’s soul and have fun.

These free elements have brought us surfing, skating, kiteboarding and snowboarding. Four exciting and extreme sports revolving around the basics of nature. Four sports that are taking the world by storm.

freewaysurf malta skateboardsSkating
The first skate shop to open in Malta in the last 10 years and by far the most successful. It is impossible to list the amount of equipment we have in stock. A range of at least 80 different decks always at hand. Trucks, bearings, decks, wheels, skate tools, risers, completes, longboards, grip tape galore. All the hardware to make any skater feel like a kid in a sweet shop. You have to see the range to believe it. Foreign skaters come to our shop and their jaws drop at our selection. We also stock skate clothes and a great selection of Rip Curl Skate shoes, accessories, videos, DVD’s, magazines and loads more!

To enjoy this quest for mental freedom one has to have the right tools. And that’s were we come in. At the free way surfstores our mission is to help our customers escape the pressures of life by providing them with the necessary equipment that will unchain their soul and free it. We stock over thirty different brands of clothing, skateboarding, surfing, kiteboarding and snowboarding products. And they are not just any brands. We chose the best because we know from experience that quality means more freedom, reliability and less stress.

freewaysurf store surfboardsSurfing
At our shop in Sliema we carry a good stock of surfboards and we also do loads of body boards and fins for all ages and wallets. Our surfboards range from BIC boards for the beginners and we also stock NEV, ZAK and MC hand shaped boards. Sex wax, lashes, repair kits, boardbags, roof racks, etc. are always in stock. We also do a good selection of Rip Curl wetsuits and Scorpion Bay rash vests.

Kitesurf & Kiteboarding
This is the new sport that is taking the water sport world by storm. At our store you can find no less than five major Kitesurfing brands and all the kit you need to get started. Flexifoil, Slingshot, F-One, Airush, Wipika. We stock Delta, stunt, ram air and Kitesurfing kites, kiteboards, wetsuits, helmets, etc. At our stores you can also book Kitesurfing courses for our base in Sicily. You can try out our Ram air demo kites free of charge. Come in and have a chat, and we’ll guide you in the right direction. You’ll soon catch wind that we are serious about our business. We provide qualified instruction to beginners. So, learn to fly! Come and see us.

freewaysurf store mlata ripcurl snowboardsSnowboarding
A high percentage of entry level snowboarders get heavily disoriented when confronted by all different boards and bindings they find in the average shop. Why not trust in a combination that has been set up by people who are experts in the discipline, giving a performance guarantee?

Sick of wearing rented clothing and hiring equipment? Our Rip Curl mountain range is second to none as can be confirmed by all our snow sport customers. Whether it’s jackets, pants, gloves, polar beanies, ski socks… it’s the difference between enjoying your holiday on the slopes and well… hypothermia!

Recreational Power Kites
What are Power Kites?
Flexifoil’s original power kite range is the ideal way to get into power kiting. The original and still the best – this was the kite design that started the sport of power kiting. Easy to assemble and quick to learn, this should be your first choice if you just want to get out there, have fun and fly.
With a power kite you can try out loads of adrenaline-filled activities like skidding along the beach, getting big air, bodysurfing and more.

Sport Kites
What is Sport Kiting?
Flexfoil has an exciting history in world-class sport kiting having manufactured some of the most famous sport kites in the world like the Stranger and the Psycho. The latest Flexifoil range brings you four innovative designs that will really test your skills as you try out all the latest moves. So if you’re looking for control, not power, why not give sport kiting a go. There’s more to it than you think.

freewaysurf store malta kayaksKayaks and Kayaking
Choosing and buying a Kayak
Choosing a kayak? We know its tough buying your first kayak.
There are lots of questions: Are you buying the right style? Are you paying too much? What if you get the wrong one? Our intent here is to help you make a good choice when you are shopping for and buying a kayak. We also stock clothing and Kayak equipment and accessories, such as sprayskirts, pumps, paddle floats, car roof racks and numerous other important and handy products on will need.

Perception Kayaks
Passion has always been the driving force at Perception- a passion for paddling; a passion for design and a passion for producing exceptional kayaks. In the 70’s we pioneered the plastic kayak and since then we’ve led the industry with innovations that have opened the sport to new Paddlers and expanded the capabilities of experienced Paddlers. It was almost 30 years ago when a few passionate souls thought that they could produce a better boat. Today that same passion drives us to produce the best boats available and has made us one of the world’s leading kayak passion brands.

freewaysurf store malta dc shoesApparel
Our clothing comes from this culture and our clients too. We stock some of the best brands around from kids to adult, men and women. Our Brands need no introduction. RIP CURL, NO FEAR, SCORION BAY, CLUB HULA, BIRDHOUSE, FLIP, SPY, DC Shoes and the list goes on. Tees, shorts, swimwear, wetsuits, shoes, slaps, watches, bags, and a vast selection of surf fashion which will make you drool

Visit FreeWay Surf at the Plaza Shopping Centre, Level 2

Bisazza Street,Sliema, Malta, Europe